Helping engineers lead the way to a healthier, sustainable Aotearoa.

Climate change is a reality – it’s happening here, in Aotearoa, and it’s happening now.

How we respond is increasingly prioritised by society, and will continue to drive strategy, policy, and funding decisions into the future.

Engineering Climate Action is our programme to support engineers to take positive action to address climate change through mitigation, transition and adaptation. Our position is:

  • anthropogenic climate change is already affecting Aotearoa New Zealand – this will continue and the negative effects will increase
  • the time for action is now
  • we need engineers to be climate action leaders
  • incorporating te ao Māori and engaging with Māori is critical
  • the transition to a net zero economy must be equitable and just
  • Engineering New Zealand will proactively lead, collaborate, and support the profession.

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What we're doing for you

Engineering practice, as well as thought leadership and advocacy, are at the heart of Engineering Climate Action. Our new resources will help you get started:

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If you want to find out more about why we're launching this Programme, read our article Now is the time for engineering climate action or email us at