Our Panel of recognised Engineers to the Contract (EtC).

What's an Engineer to the Contract?

EtCs play a vital role in the delivery of building and civil engineering construction projects as set out in the New Zealand Standard 3910:2013 Conditions of contract for building and civil engineering construction. EtCs fulfil a dual role. They act as the principal’s agent and an independent certifier, moderating the interests of the contractor and the principal in building and construction contracts. They also adjudicate where necessary. An EtC doesn't need to be an engineer but must be a natural person (not a company).

The 2013 version of NZS 3910 is currently entering the final stages of revision. It includes changes to the roles and responsibilities of the EtC, including the name. Publication is expected in late 2023.

Engaging an EtC

If you're a principal looking to engage an EtC for your horizontal or vertical construction project under NZS 3910, you can contact our Panel members directly to discuss their services and availability, and check out their career information.

Our EtC Panel

Engineers to the Contract on our Panel have been recognised as having the professional skills and mana to be highly effective in the role. Their collective experience covers all sectors of the construction industry.

All members have signed up to a Code of Ethics, and support each other within the group. They're also expected to apply the Construction Sector Accord’s Guiding Principles.

The Panel was set up under the administration of Engineering New Zealand in a joint venture with the Construction Sector Accord. In its Pilot Phase, it was governed by a cross-industry Steering Group, with members appointed after a comprehensive, cross-stakeholder evaluation process.

In its next phase of development, the Panel is transitioning to a self-governing and self-financing technical group under the auspices of Engineering New Zealand. This process started in August 2023 and will run to June 2024, guided by a Management Committee, and will involve the opening of applications and assessment of more Panel members, as part of the goal of making the Panel the go-to organisation for the industry.

Resources for EtCs

Our Panel of EtCs are developing resources and guidance for new and emerging EtCs, procurers of EtCs, contractors, and the industry in general. This material is available on the resources page.

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