The Government has approved dam safety regulations for the safe management of dams after construction, to reduce potential impacts to people, property, and the environment. The regulations commence in 2024.

Under the regulations, engineers will be registered to audit and certify potential impact classifications (PIC) and/or dam safety assurance programmes (DSAP). All Recognised Engineers must be Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng).

Engineering New Zealand Te Ao Rangahau, as the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers, is responsible for assessing and registering Recognised Engineers. Together with the New Zealand Society on Large Dams (NZSOLD), and supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE), we have developed the framework for the required Recognised Engineer qualifications and competencies to be assessed.

How to apply to be assessed and registered as a Recognised Engineer

Applications to be assessed and registered as a Recognised Engineer will be conducted through the current system in place for applying to become a Chartered Professional Engineer. This is shown on the How to Apply section of the Chartered Professional Engineer webpage.

Specific guidance for applicants to be assessed as Recognised Engineers is provided in the Recognised Engineer (Dam Safety) Guide to Assessments. Background information for applicants and practice area assessors is provided in the Recognised Engineer Competency Framework (Dam Safety) Knowledge Base. Applicants are expected to be conversant in both documents.

Recognised Engineer (Dam Safety) – Assessment process webinar

How to find a Recognised Engineer

Registered Recognised Engineers can be found by searching the online register for Recognised Engineer in the Find an Engineer page on the Engineering New Zealand website.

The online register will display Recognised Engineers in alphabetical order and by category (Potential Impact Classification or Dam Safety Assurance Programme).

Further Information

Engineering New Zealand sought legal advice regarding the potential liability of Recognised Engineers (Dam Safety) following discussions with dam safety engineers about the new regulations. A summary of the advice received can be found here

View MBIE's infographic for the timeline and actions required of dam owners, engineers, and regional authorities or get in touch about the Recognised Engineer framework.