The government’s announced $71 billion investment in infrastructure over five years is a much-needed commitment given the challenges Aotearoa is facing, says Engineering New Zealand Chief Executive, Richard Templer.

Engineering New Zealand is also pleased to see the release of the Infrastructure Action Plan alongside the funding, which looks across our need for improved investment in areas such as energy and water, housing, diversifying our transport and the ongoing recovery from recent extreme weather events.

“Some of these assets have suffered from underinvestment over multiple decades, and Engineering New Zealand supports all efforts to future-proof infrastructure that improves the lives of all New Zealanders, supports the economy, and strengthens our resilience in the face of climate change.” Templer says.

“Smart investments in infrastructure almost always pay for themselves. This is likely to be especially true when it comes to adapting to climate change, which is a crucial, multigenerational project that’s now overdue.”

Engineering is going to be at the front lines of these issues, whether it’s in areas like the immediate response and recovery for the Auckland Floods and Cyclone Gabrielle or the long-term challenge of decarbonising our economy.

“We need to ensure that our infrastructure meets the growing needs of the nation, and that we can bounce back from natural disasters quickly when they occur,” Templer said. “Investing significant resources now is the best way to achieve that.”